So glamourous...

Monday, July 25, 2005

My new *Bling Bling*

Oh btw Leanne darlingz, on friday we didn't have time to go to Dior since we had to rush for the Bday party rite, so I went on sat and got this necklace!!! Yes as u know I CANNOT go home empty handed. Isnt it so dameeeee gorgeous & girly & pink & sooo meee!!! Intend to wear this on my cousin's wedding or...unless i find something even nicer orrr.. my outfit dun match it.Well i bet Samantha's gonna mock at me cos i always tell her that Dior is so Minah(meaning malay ah lian). Yes i know babe and i still don't change wad i reckon since Dior boutiques r always flooded with them (think cos dior is cheaper unlike LV or chanel?) butttttt dior has a larger range of selection for jewellery compared to other. I'm kinda sick of Tiffany cos its like the same stuff everyone wears though i still love my "Return to Tiffany" charm bracelet best.

Its kinda covered in scratches now becos im a clumsy person and nv really took care of it. But hey Tiffany's silver collection is only 925 silver even though they cost so much, not some scratchproof metal. Yup im excused.

All in all welcome dior girly bracelet to my family of accessories.*applause*

Virgin Posting goes... my virgin posting teehee *Ahem* the Award of Special Thanks goes to Fiona Goh & Xavier for making all these possible *applause* alritey will be off to Amsterdam tonight, shall continue my thoughts when im back.